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laborers together

What is Laborers Together?

Each year Northland Camp & Conference Center hires about 45 enthusiastic staff members from various colleges and universities to serve during the ten weeks of summer camp. Each staff member receives a salary, meals, and housing. As you can imagine, the cost of these benefits is very substantial to Northland Camp.


Through the Laborers Together program, our goal is to raise at least $500 per staff member to offset the costs of the summer staff salaries and benefits.

By participating, you not only help support a staffer, but you also help us keep camper fees as low as possible. You will also receive several testimonial letters during the summer from the staff members you support, telling you about the work God has done in them and through them at camp!


How Can You Get Involved?

Many partners fully support a summer staff member through a one-time gift of $500. Others give in installments. If you are unable to give this amount, Northland Camp will use other contributors' gifts to make up the difference for the summer staff member you are assisting. All donations are tax-deductible.


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