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Northland Internship

Northland Camp is looking for four interns to join our team for one year from August through the next August to help us prepare for and run retreats, camps, and conferences, and to continue improving Northland's facility and program.


Intern Requirements: at least 18 years old; love God; love people; have the ability and desire to work hard; able to handle extreme cold, a humid summer, and a beautiful autumn; desire to serve wherever the need is greatest; be willing to learn new skills, work long hours, take responsibility and initiative, and be flexible; have a heart for hospitality; and enjoy having fun


This is a unique opportunity to be involved in Northland Camp. We are excited to see what the Lord will continue to do here at Northland!


If you are interested, please email the Northland office or call (715) 324-4200.


Support an Intern!


Our interns raise their own support for the year. If you would like to support an intern on a monthly basis or with a one-time gift, please contact us and let us know!

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