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In Memory of Danielle Willoughby

Dear Northland Ministry Family,

On Friday, August 11, 2017, on her 29th birthday, Danielle Willoughby went home to be with the Lord. We know that God never makes a mistake, and we know that God is never caught by surprise. From a human perspective, Danielle should be here preparing for the school year, getting ready for church, waking up to enjoy fresh opportunity, and enjoying her family. But, after wrapping up a wonderful summer of ministry and returning home for only a few days, a sudden and unexpected health crisis occurred. While we all grieve and sorrow over Danielle’s homegoing, we trust God during this time to bring Him glory and honor. Our support and friendship are extended to her husband, Joel, and their two boys, Roger and Isaiah.

While Joel was introduced to Northland Camp for the first time this year, Danielle was a junior camper at Northland’s Pioneer Village when she received Jesus Christ as her Savior at 12 years of age. Both Joel and Danielle served on the program staff at Northland Camp this summer for the first time, and they were planning on many more summers with us. Our entire staff and leadership team appreciate their investment of time, investment in people, and investment in our children’s ministry. It is obvious that Joel and Danielle were loved and appreciated by many on the Northland staff but also by a host of friends and family.

In Joel’s words, “Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support! God is good and sovereign. He had blessed me with Danielle and two kids from her. The Lord gave her the best birthday gift ever today. Danielle went home to be with the Lord around 2pm today. The Lord gives and He takes away. All glory to the Blessed Father! Continue to pray for grace, wisdom, and comfort.” Our staff and Northland family, Joel and Danielle’s families, and their friends and ministry partners in Ankeny, Iowa, will continue to prayerfully support and comfort this family.

There are many memories that each of us have regarding summer camp. But there is no better longstanding memory from camp than those people that served alongside us. We will remember these people a very long time. For many on our staff, you will think of Danielle. Praise the Lord for her life; we honor her because she is one of our Northland team members. May God bring great comfort during this time of grief and sorrow at the loss of a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend, and a ministry co-laborer.

On behalf of the entire Northland family,

Jeff Kahl, Executive Director

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