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The Wood Boiler Project

Dear Northland Family and Friends,

Another wonderful year of outreach and ministry happened on the Northland campus in 2017. We praise the Lord for sustaining and providing for our daily needs! The year is marked by great spiritual and financial victories, generous and gracious friends, and a staff who remain relentless in their service to others.

We were excited to see the ministry expand and thank God for how He continues to work!

This is also the time of year where people like to express gratitude and grace by end-of-year gifting. For some it is a commitment of time; for others, it is a kind gesture, note, or verbal expression; and for others, it is a financial gift.

We thank God for this place. It is continually preserved to do what it was intended to do—serve others and point them to God. Simple, yes. But after nearly 60 years, that remains the purpose of Northland—pointing people to the Lord.

Of course, there are many financial needs. Previous means of financing Northland are no longer available as they once were. But God’s people are still very generous and we want to invite the larger family and friends of this ministry to consider Northland’s current needs.

We are seeking $92,000 to pay off the nine “Commercial Outdoor Wood Boilers” that service 12 key Northland buildings. Because of this investment, Northland will strategically save thousands and thousands of dollars in propane costs each winter adding up to over one million dollars in the coming years. We are so thankful that the units were sold to us at cost, all the wood is donated for the next few years, and volunteers are cutting wood and loading the units daily. What a blessing!

Would you help Northland raise enough money to pay off this $92,000 investment? Would you pray with us to meet this financial need?

Praise the Lord that Northland is moving forward. And thank you for helping and taking part in what God is doing here!

Kind Regards,

Jeff Kahl, Director

*Gifts may be given online or by check. Please make checks out to Northland Mission, Inc. Mail to: W10085 Pike Plains Rd. Dunbar, WI 54119. All gifts are tax deductible.

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