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The Northland Institute is pleased to announce the opening of the Northland Institute of Trades and Technology in the Fall of 2018!

Northland has a rich history of challenging campers to grow in the Lord spiritually and equipping students to serve the Lord in ministry. Indeed, since 1976 Northland has had the privilege of training thousands of ministerial students to serve the Lord around the world. We praise God for that! But what about most students back home in the local church who don’t go into ministry or simply can’t afford a four-year Christian college education? What about those who are just seeking an honest job with an honest day’s wage?

The Northland Institute of Trades and Technology offers practical instruction and hands-on training for students to learn a trade that will provide them with a good paying job—a job that will not only support the individual but his family and local church as well. The Northland Trades and Technology first-year track focuses on facility maintenance and provides the specific training necessary to enter the facility maintenance field as well as a general introduction to the building trades themselves. Future tracks include the specific building trades (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC), automotive/diesel mechanics, and welding. Stay tuned as future tracks will be added as interest demands.

Of course, the Northland Institute of Ministry, a one and two-year Bible institute, continues to offer biblical instruction for those seeking to enrich their personal life, enhance their spiritual life, enquire God’s direction for life, or even equip themselves for ministry life. We believe that every Christian young adult will benefit from attending at least one year at the Northland Institute of Ministry.

The Northland Institute: one campus—multiple opportunities! The Northland Institute offers practical training for both life and ministry. Whether secular or sacred, Northland is “Training Students for a Lifetime of Service!”

Check out the new Northland Institute website at and apply today!

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