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Northland Has a New Camp Director!

After three and a half years of around-the-clock effort to explore and enact strategies which rebuild, enhance, and compliment the entire Northland Campus, Jeff Kahl is transferring all camp director duties to Northland Camp and Conference Center’s newest director, Eric Herb. With the blessing of the board of directors, Jeff has delegated the daily responsibilities of directing Northland Camp in the spirit and excellence it has always known.

Eric Herb and his wife, Amanda, have three children. As graduates of Pensacola and Bob Jones University, respectively, the Herb family brings spiritual maturity, organizational ability, and steady leadership for the job in front of them. They have served at North Flushing Baptist Church in North Flushing, Michigan. Eric served as youth pastor and Amanda provided piano lessons to area students. Prior to this, Eric also ministered at Camp CoBeAc and Retreat Center, where Jeff initially hired Eric as the program director; and together they teamed up to create a substantial camping ministry. For several summers, Eric has brought his young people to Northland Camp and has developed a love and appreciation for its history and distinctions.

On November 10, 2018, please pray for our new camp director and his family as they enter their next chapter of ministry.

Meanwhile, Jeff Kahl will continue to oversee key strategic initiatives that are needed to keep the Northland Campus viable, sustainable, and true to its mission. Jeff notes: “I cannot oversee the responsibilities of a growing camp at the same time as I dedicate my complete attention to keep the ministry open.” With the same intensity Jeff executed the previous three and a half years, he will continue as the chairman of the board and the lead campus executive director. Eric will directly answer to Jeff for the overall direction of the camp ministry and operational efficiency.

At this point, the Northland Campus is still seeking financial partners to keep the ministry viable. We are as stable as churches and supporters are committed to support Northland. At the same time, an anchor tenant, Northland Scholars Academy, which primarily leases the former Northland International University educational facilities to operate an elite college preparatory boarding high school, will provide some needed funds toward Northland’s march toward a colorful comeback.

In addition, we are committed to maintain the spiritual impact the camping and retreat programs had in the lives of families, adults, and young people. While still an uphill struggle to rebuild the Northland Campus, the heart of those serving is everything a “Pioneer” in the Northland tradition reflects. We are not retreating from the challenge, but we are gearing up for the next stage in the Northland comeback. By God’s grace, there will be much more to rejoice in the coming years.

We are thankful for Eric and Amanda Herb, and we anticipate great things moving forward. We are also thankful for the many sacrifices and diligent labor Jeff and Carol Kahl have given to Northland during these years. Simply put, we don’t know anyone who was more willing to ‘be spent’ for this cause than the Kahls. If Northland experiences full and blessed years, seen years from now, Jeff will be the human instrument God chose to use to preserve the Northland campus for good. And now, we are thankful that we can bring some reinforcements.

Welcome to the Northland team, Eric and Amanda Herb!

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