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Northland Ministry Support

Dear Northland Friends and Supporters:

We have approached a very important intersection on the Northland Campus. Literally, after traveling the world and providing a strategic advantage to secure and advance ministry on the Northland Campus, the time has come to boldly ask for financial help to finish this year within budget.

Since Northland’s inception 60 years ago, the ministry was established on the gracious and generous gifts of a successful businessman and his family along with friends and supporters. Through the decades, hundreds of thousands of campers graced this property, and tens of thousands of students attended a ministry college. And ministry continues today with two key programs:

  1. Northland Camp just experienced its 60th year of ministry. We praise the Lord for reviving the camp which serves families and youth. Attendance has steadily increased since our restart, and there is substantial movement among our many friends. Won’t you join us this summer for a week of camp? For more information or to register, visit

  2. Northland Scholars Academy, an international boarding high school on the Northland Campus, is in its second year with open enrollment for 9th to 12th graders from around the world. Through the great leadership of the board of directors, the administration, and many former alumni and friends of Northland, we have seen an unbelievable opportunity to continue the legacy of Northland through this new school. Projections in the next couple of years will bring over 500 international students to Northland.

The Lord has opened doors throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and Africa. In fact, I am going to Morocco, Gabon, South Africa, Rwanda, and Angola soon. These countries and other countries have agreed to begin sending students to Northland. What an opportunity! No words can express the appreciation our team feels as God directs the people of the world to visit the Northland Campus in Dunbar, Wisconsin.

These past 60 years, our graduates and friends have impacted this world. As we think about Northland’s next chapter, let’s consider the idea that God is sending the international world to Northland. How exciting to embark on this international journey right on the Northland Campus!

Will you join us and help us raise $250,000 together? We need $50,000 by Thanksgiving and the rest before January 1, 2020. Your tax-deductible donation can be made in three ways: 1) online at, 2) by phone at 715-324-4200, or 3) by check, made payable to Northland Mission, Inc. Thank you for considering our needs at Northland. Every gift helps.

Friends and supporters, I am not good at requesting funds, but I would be remiss in not asking for help, when needed. We are near the finish line, and the world is that much closer to hearing the Gospel because Northland was willing to keep going! Please go with us as we cross the line together.

In His Kind Service,

Jeff Kahl, Chairman of the Northland Board

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