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Gorgeous Setting • Elegant Facilities • Delicious Meals

We want to encourage your group to utilize the great facilities found at Northland. Whether your group wants to have a special retreat, unique event, school camp, or corporate gathering for one day or an entire week, we can accommodate your needs at an affordable price with a very friendly supportive team of camp professionals.

For many years, Northland has been renting its facilities to groups that want to organize their own events, prepare their own schedule, and accomplish their own purposes. By renting Northland, your group has more freedom to shape the event after your own interests and goals. While we are prepared to host groups up to 1,200 individuals, most groups average anywhere between 50–250 people. On most occasions, we are able to host several groups at the same time.

Our prices reflect a desire to keep an event as affordable as possible. At the same time, there is a need to provide a well-maintained place that is continually adding new activities and opportunities. Even after comparing prices among several different facilities, you will be pleasantly satisfied knowing you found a very reasonably priced location for your next event. Come and experience pristine facilities, vast accommodations, genuine friendly hospitality, and numerous creative and comfort amenities that will provide a satisfying and positive event for your group. Our team works tirelessly to help our guests enjoy themselves.

We will warmly welcome you with our motivated, service-minded team.

Contact us today to schedule a phone or in-person consultation, and begin making plans to get your event on the calendar!

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