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summer opportunities

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Summer Staff

Northland Camp is recruiting volunteers to serve with us for the summer. We are looking for an enthusiastic camp staff who are ready to serve! Whether you want to be a counselor, retail stores worker, nurse, lifeguard, custodian, maintenance, kitchen crew, office staff, audio/visual, or simply want to fill in as needed, we will offer you a summer you will never forget!

How to Apply


  1. Complete and submit an online application using our form below. Online applications are quick, simple, and easily processed. You may also download and print an application below.

  2. Download and print off three reference forms. Fill out the first section and then distribute them according to the instructions.

  3. Conduct an interview (either in person or by phone) with a Northland Camp Recruiter.



Why you should work at Northland Camp.

  • Genuine discipleship is taught, modeled, and integrated into every staff member's life during a summer at Northland Camp. The philosophy of life-touching-life ministry is evident in our Camp Leadership, and this model of discipleship makes a lasting impact every year on our summer staff.

  • Every day at Northland Camp, each member of our staff has multiple ministry opportunities with campers and fellow staff members. The philosophy and experience gained during a summer here greatly contribute to future ministry.

  • Northland Camp staff are able to develop godly relationships during the summer that serve as a source of accountability and encouragement for many years. The experience of camp reveals one's true self, and this honesty leads to genuine change in many lives throughout the course of a summer.

Note: Do not make travel plans until you hear back from us. Limited staff positions are available and we will contact you to let you know if a spot is open for you.

Financial Support

If you are able to come volunteer with us this summer and would like to raise your own support, you are welcome to do that. Donors may make their checks out to Northland Camp and put your name in the memo line.

We will write a letter explaining our need to use volunteers and asking for support on your behalf. We will make that letter available for any of you who would like to use it to raise your own support. Just request it by emailing us.

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